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Endocrinologists or Diabetes Doctors can diagnose and treat hormone problems and the complications that arise from them. Hormones regulate metabolism, respiration, growth, reproduction, sensory perception, and movement. Hormone imbalances are the underlying reason for a wide range of medical conditions.

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How can an Endocrinologist help you?

Endocrinologists specialize in treating disorders of the endocrine system, the network of hormone-producing glands in your body. Endocrinologists are qualified to diagnose and treat conditions like diabetes, thyroid diseases, infertility, growth issues, metabolic disorders, osteoporosis, some cancers, and disorders in the hormone-producing adrenal glands and pituitary glands.

Disorders and diseases that originate elsewhere can also end up causing symptoms in your endocrine system. When problems in other systems or body parts impact your endocrine system, an endocrinologist will work in tandem with your primary care doctor or other specialists to come up with a treatment plan.

When do you need to consult an Endocrinologist?

If you’re suffering from any of the following symptoms you need to have an online consultation with an endocrinologist right away-

  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Constipation
  • Excessive thirst or hunger
  • Frequent urination
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Puffy face
  • Sudden weight gain/ loss
  • Heavy periods and painful menstrual cramps.
  • Sudden mood changes
  • Loss of appetite
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What are the most common endocrine disorders?


According to the WHO, at least 422 million people worldwide have diabetes. The pancreas is the endocrine gland responsible for making the hormone insulin. Insulin helps your body’s cells take in glucose for energy. When you have diabetes, your pancreas doesn’t make enough insulin. As a result, glucose stays in your blood instead of helping your cells.

Thyroid Disorders

Your thyroid gland makes hormones that tell your body’s systems how fast work. When you have too much thyroid hormone(hyperthyroidism), your systems work in overdrive. When you have too little(hypothyroidism), your body becomes sluggish. Women are more likely than men to suffer from thyroid disorders.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Women with PCOS can have enlarged ovaries containing many small cysts. This interferes with regular menstruation and fertility. PCOS can also cause high levels of androgens (male hormones). Excess androgens can bring about hair growth, weight gain, and acne. Like other endocrine disorders, treatment involves balancing hormones.

Low Testosterone

Hypogonadism is the medical term for low testosterone. Men with low testosterone suffer from decreased sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, shrinking testes, and hair loss. They may also have less energy, depression, muscle weakness, and sleep problems. This is more common among older men.


Osteoporosis is thinning of the bones and loss of bone mass. Women are at higher risk than men. The risk increases with age, as estrogen levels decline. But other endocrine disorders can contribute to osteoporosis like high levels of thyroid hormone, parathyroid hormone, and cortisol. These conditions disrupt the normal balance of bone rebuilding and remodelling. In men, low testosterone levels can increase the likelihood of developing osteoporosis.

Precocious puberty

When glands that control reproduction don’t work properly, some children start puberty abnormally early, around eight in girls and nine in boys.

Cushing’s disease

The adrenal glands secrete excess cortisol and make your face puffy and round resembling the moon (moon face).

What is the procedure for online Endocrinologist consultation?

To book a video call consultation with an Endocrinologist, click the ‘Book Video Consultation’ button or download the Doc- Pulse app. This app is available for both Apple and Android phones. Once you have done that the process is as follows-

1. Select a Doctor

From the list of doctors provided, choose a particular Endocrinologist that you want to consult with.

2. Book Video Consultation

You will be taken to a page where you can see the schedule of the particular Endocrinologist and the free sessions available. Depending on your convenience, select a time slot for the appointment.

3. Enter Patient Details

You will be shown a form to fill up. Please fill the form with accurate information about the patient so that the doctor has complete clarity before starting the session and submit it along with payment of consultation fees.

4. Consult the Endocrinologist

During your appointment, the doctor will perform a thorough examination by asking specific questions and requesting you to perform some actions. Based on your response to their exam the doctor will prescribe the right medicines to ease your problem or will advise you regarding the further steps that need to be taken.

5. Follow Up

After you finish the course prescribed by the doctor, you can set up a follow-up appointment in order to ascertain that your problem has been solved and also ask further queries to the doctor.

Why choose Amazing Care Specialist Clinics Online Endocrinologist Consultation?

  • Amazing Care Specialist Clinics has a heavily vetted panel of top-notch Endocrinologist doctors. The panel brings together globally trained and recognised doctors from diverse sub-specialities to ensure patients are given the best of opinions, no matter the underlying medical condition.
  • The robust technology empowering the Amazing Care Specialist Clinics sets it apart by providing reliable high-quality video consultation. That way patients can clearly communicate their ailments and get an accurate diagnosis. The platform facilitates forming a unique personal connection with the doctors, something that’s missing in other virtual medical assistance solutions, thus making it 10x more effective.
  • With Amazing Care Specialist Clinics, you can avoid the unnecessary time, expense and physical contact travelling, in waiting rooms, etc and get the right treatment from the comfort of your home, making the whole experience safe for both doctors and patients.
  • Our rigorous back-end system makes sure all patient details are stored safely and our sensitive doctors ensure your consultations will be private and secure with complete discretion wherever necessary.


Are your online doctors qualified?

Yes, Amazing Care Specialist Clinics has rigorously vetted the doctors on the platform, so you needn’t worry about their credibility or the quality of their care. Our team manually verifies necessary documents, registrations, and certifications for every doctor.

Is the prescription availed through online consultation valid?

Yes, prescriptions given through Amazing Care Specialist Clinics Video Consultation are valid and compliant with the Electronic Health Records standards of India.

Will I get a refund if the doctor doesn’t respond?

Of course, you will get a refund in the unlikely case where Amazing Care Specialist Clinics is unable to set up the pulmonologist consul- tation for you.