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When it comes to our children we never want to take any chance, not during the day, not in the night, because our children mean everything to us! Our Children Specialists are not only known for their extraordinary qualifications but also for their child friendly manners & the bond they build with the whole family! Why not experience the Magic of remote touch with our esteemed panel of celebrated Paediatric Team of Doctors for your online Digital Video Consultations. Just select your favorite doctor & Click we are at your service!

Dr. Nanditha Rathinam

Consultant Paediatrician

Dr. Supraja Chandrasekar

Consultant Paediatric Intensivist

Everything else can wait but child care can’t. Even small things concerning our children cause lot of stress not only for parents but also for everyone in the family, especially Grandparents. Reaching a paediatrician well on time can make things less stressful and lot less painful for both children and parents.

Our experienced and well trained child specialists are committed to bringing in the best care for your kid, that too at the comfort of your home especially when many of these can be sorted out with a proper video consultation. We facilitate immediate medical care for your kids through the online digital video consultation medium thereby eliminating the struggles of physically going to a hospital. Especially, when it’s not all that necessary saving time energy money and still giving the best possible solution for your child’s medical illness.

Our children specialists make sure you don’t have to deal with too many hassles to fetch the right medical care.

Moreover, COVID-19 has made physical interactions more riskier than ever. The only way to protect ourselves and our kids from being hit by the virus is by staying indoors and maintaining social distancing. Our online medical consultation platform is an endeavour to facilitate that. So, from now on, for your kid’s consultations and regular checkup’s, you can reach out to our panel of paediatricians. The high- quality video application facilitates seamless uninterrupted communication so there are no hindrances in building the bond that kids have with their doctors.