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ENT or Otolaryngology is a medical speciality that is focused on the ears, nose, and throat. This medical speciality dates back to the 19th century when doctors recognized that the head and neck contained a series of interconnected systems. Doctors developed techniques and tools for examining and treating problems of the head and neck, eventually forming a medical speciality. ENTs are trained in both medicine and surgery.

Dr. Nithya V

Consultant ENT

How can an ENT Head & Neck Specialist help you?

Through online consultation, ENT Doctors diagnose and treat a variety of problems related to ears, nose, throat, head & neck.

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Ear : ENT Specialists are trained in the medical and surgical treatment of hearing loss, ear infections, balance disorders, ear noise (tinnitus), nerve pain, and facial and cranial nerve disorders. They also manage congenital (birth) disorders of the outer and inner ear.

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Nose : Care of the nasal cavity and sinuses is one of the primary skills of ENT Doctors. They diagnose, manage and treat allergies, sinusitis, smell disorders, polyps, and nasal obstruction due to a deviated septum. They can also correct the appearance of the nose (rhinoplasty surgery).

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Throat : ENT Doctors have expertise in managing diseases of the larynx (voice box) and the upper aero-digestive tract or oesophagus, including voice and swallowing disorders.

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Head and Neck : In the head and neck area, otolaryngologists are trained to treat infectious diseases, both benign and malignant (cancerous) tumours, facial trauma, and deformities of the face. They even perform both cosmetic plastic and reconstructive surgery.

When do you need to consult an ENT Doctor?

If you’re suffering from any of the following symptoms, you need to have a video call with an ENT Specialist right away-

  • Runny Nose
  • Sore Throat
  • Coughing/Sneezing
  • Ear Pain
  • Hearing Loss
  • Snoring
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  • Airway Issues/Difficulty Breathing/Mouth Breathing
  • Balance Problems
  • Sinus Pressure
  • Tonsil or Adenoid Inflammation or Infection
  • Skin Conditions
  • Ear Noise (Tinnitus)
  • Skin Cancers/Lesions
  • Nose Bleeds
  • Thyroid Mass
  • Nasal Congestion/Nasal Itching and Rubbing
  • Dark Circles Under the Eyes
  • Hoarseness/Frequent Throat Clearing
  • Loss of Sense of Smell and/or taste

What are the most common ENT Disorders?


Inflammation or infection of the tonsils is commonly called tonsillitis. This condition can be caused by the common cold, mono, or strep throat. It is a very common condition that can cause severe throat pain.

Ear Infections

Ear infections occur when germs enter the ear and become trapped there, or you may have fluid or mucus build-up from a recent infection or allergy, allowing viruses or bacteria to grow in the ear. Symptoms of ear infections include pain, hearing loss, balance problems & drainage from the ear (from a ruptured tympanic membrane).

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a brief cessation of breathing while asleep. It can occur in both adults and children. Common causes of sleep apnea include being overweight, enlarged tonsils or other structures in the nose and throat, having a naturally shorter airway than usual. Symptoms of sleep apnea include snoring, waking up many times, feeling unrested, headaches, fatigue, waking up with a very dry or sore throat.

Sinus Infection

Sinuses are cavities in the skull that surround the eyes and nose and are responsible for vocal resonance. Sinusitis occurs when these cavities become infected by bacteria, fungi, or a virus, or inflamed due to allergies or other conditions. Symp- toms of sinusitis include headache, runny nose, sneezing and coughing, etc.


Tinnitus is when you experience ringing or other noises in one or both of your ears. The noise you hear when you have tinni- tus isn’t caused by an external sound, and other people usually can’t hear it. Tinnitus is a common problem. It affects about 15% to 20% of people and is especially common in older adults.

Why choose Amazing Care Specialist Clinics Online ENT Consultation?

  • Amazing Care Specialist Clinics has a heavily vetted panel of top-notch ENT doctors. The panel brings together globally trained and recognised doctors from diverse sub-specialities to ensure patients are given the best of opinions, no matter the underlying medical condition.
  • The robust technology empowering the Amazing Care Specialist Clinics sets it apart by providing reliable high-quality video consultation. That way patients can clearly communicate their ailments and get an accurate diagnosis. The platform facilitates forming a unique personal connection with the doctors, something that’s missing in other virtual medical assis- tance solutions, thus making it 10x more effective.
  • With Amazing Care Specialist Clinics, you can avoid the unnecessary time, expense and physical contact travelling, in waiting rooms, etc and get the right treatment from the comfort of your home, making the whole experience safe for both doctors and pa- tients.
  • Our rigorous back-end system makes sure all patient details are stored safely and our sensitive doctors ensure your con- sultations will be private and secure with complete discretion wherever necessary.

What is the procedure for online ENT consultation?

To book online Lungs Specialist consultation via video call click the ‘Book Video Consultation’ button or download the DocPulse app. This app is available for both Apple and Android phones. Once you have done that the process is as follows-

1. Select a Doctor

From the list of doctors provided, choose a particular lungs specialist that you want to consult with.

2. Book Video Consultation

You will be taken to a page where you can see the schedule of the particular Pulmonologist and the free sessions available. Depending on your convenience, select a time slot for the appointment.

3. Enter Patient Details

You will be shown a form to fill up. Please fill the form with accurate information about the patient so that the doctor has complete clarity before starting the session and submit it along with payment of consultation fees.

4. Consult the ENT Doctor

During your appointment, the doctor will perform a thorough examination by asking specific questions and requesting you to perform some actions. Based on your response to their exam the doctor will prescribe the right medicines to ease your problem or will advise you regarding the further steps that need to be taken.

5. Follow Up

After you finish the course prescribed by the doctor, you can set up a follow-up appointment in order to ascertain that your problem has been solved and also ask further queries to the doctor.


Are your online doctors qualified?

Yes, Amazing Care Specialist Clinics has rigorously vetted the doctors on the platform, so you needn’t worry about their credibility or the quality of their care. Our team manually verifies necessary documents, registrations, and certifications for every doctor.

Is the prescription availed through online consultation valid?

Yes, prescriptions given through Amazing Care Specialist Clinics Video Consultation are valid and compliant with the Electronic Health Records standards of India.

Will I get a refund if the doctor doesn’t respond?

Of course, you will get a refund in the unlikely case where Amazing Care Specialist Clinics is unable to set up the pulmonologist consul- tation for you.

Conditions Treated

Running Nose, Sore throat, Sneezing, Snoring, Air Ways Issues (Difficult in breathing/Mouth Breathing)