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Dr. Sudhakar G V

Consultant Urologist & Andrologist

Urological problems make deep cuts into the physical and emotional wellbeing of the patient. Effecting the urinary system or the male reproductive system, urological problems can bring down a persons confidence and morale. Such problems need the earliest care possible to avoid acceleration of the issues. Urologists suggest a doctor consultation when issues like difficulty in urinating, not able pass urine, pain / urgency while urinating , blood in the Urine, sudden onset pain in the flanks likely to be due to kidneys stones ,pain in genitals, sexual issues, night time bed wetting or urinary leaks etc comes to notice. An early consultation can save the patient from adverse pain, complications and embarrassments.

The lifestyle that people live these days spares very less time for personal care which leads to negligence towards these issues unless they get worse. Considering this, Amazing Care clinicÂ’s team of expert urologist make medical assistance conveniently accessible through its video consulting platform. Travelling all the way to the doctorÂ’s chamber, dodging the way through the traffic and standing in queue for hours; all these hassles often take up a lot of time. Moreover, with COVID-19, staying home is a necessity now. Amazing Care Specialist clinics high- Fidelity video platform minimises your need to go out as you can now have life-like conversations with our expert urologists from the comfort of your home without the need to spare any travelling time.

Conditions Treated

Bladder Control Problems, Bladder Infection, kidney stones, urinary Tract infection, Prostrate Enlargement, Removal of kidney & kidney transplant. prostate cancer, bladder cancer, bladder prolapse