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Neurology is one of the most commonly needed health care services and with good care and treatment, a lot of critical cases can be cured forever. All that is required is to reach an expert of the domain. Book an online digital video consultation with some of the best Neurologists of Bangalore. Our specialists follow a thorough check-up process to diagnose accurately and advise accordingly.

Dr. Rajesh B. Iyer

Consultant Neurologist and Epileptologist

Neurological problems can vary from a simple insignificant headache to a potential stroke, yet the symptoms and signs could be very subtle. Advances in medical therapeutics today make it possible to reverse many of the devastating neurological problems, if identified and treated early. There are very few neurologists available today, that’s where access to a neurologist through a digital video consultation can be very handy.

Amazing Care specialist clinic’s high-quality video platform allows you to connect with expert Neurologist to discuss all the symptoms, small or big, subtle or otherwise. It helps you skip all the hassles of physically visiting the doctor, the appointment queue, the road traffic and the seemingly never-ending waiting time. The platform makes video consultation seamless with life-like conversations and uninterrupted visual clarity. Our highly qualified, trained and experienced panel of doctors provide you with the best advice suitable for you. If the patient needs to go to a hospital for physical examination and testing our doctors & the support staff can guide you regarding the same.

Conditions Treated

Headache, Paralysis, Seizures, Loss of Senses, Acute Spinal Cord Injury. Brain Tumours. Head Injury, Migraine Headaches , Brain stroke.