5 Benefits of an Online Consultation with a Doctor

The global pandemic has locked us all inside our houses to prevent us from getting infected with Covid-19. But that doesn’t stop other illnesses from affecting us. How do we get the right consultation we need without having to go out? The answer is to have an online consultation with a doctor.

In this digital age, it is clear that if we need to increase access to quality medical care for every human being, we need to use the power of thetechnology. Online consultations are the result of that where you consult with a doctor of your choice and speciality over video call and get diagnosed. Here are the 5 benefits of this new revolutionary method of care-

1. Online Appointment Booking

In the traditional method, one would have to search for a doctor of the required speciality, go to their clinic or hospital and wait for hours until their chance comes up and then they get an appointment to meet with the doctor. But with online consultations, patients can schedule an appointment at their convenience and consult with the doctor. This saves time and makes the whole experience stress free. The online appointment can even be synced to your calendar to make sure you get an alert and you don’t miss it.

2. Enhanced Patient Satisfaction

The doctors online are heavily vetted and reviewed so that patients know for sure that they are going to receive excellent care. Online consultations are convenient, stress-free and cost-effective, ensuring patients’ satisfaction. Video consultation platforms facilitate forming a unique personal connection with the doctors making it 10x more effective. Patients can even use online medical consultation to get a second opinion in case they are not satisfied with your first consultation, or you want to be on the safer side. When it comes to serious health issues, you have to consult with the best, need not be the closest.

3. Consultation through Video Call

The super-fast internet networks have made it possible to have high-quality video consultations now. The experience is similar to a real-life consultation. You connect with the doctor on a video call, the doctor will ask about your symptoms, your medical history and other details. They might even ask you to perform some actions and see the results. Based on their observations, they will prescribe medicines.

Consulting with your doctor on video not only saves valuable time, but you can also avoid the expense and physical contact occurring while travelling, in waiting rooms, etc and get the right treatment from the comfort of your home, making the whole experience safe for both doctors and patients.

4. Online Prescriptions & Monitoring

Prescriptions can be sent through email once the consultation is completed. Along with the prescription, the details of dosages shall be mentioned too. This way your prescriptions are always available and not prone to getting lost or destroyed. Prescriptions given through Video Consultations are valid and compliant with the Electronic Health Records standards of India. Through the apps, Doctors can also monitor your progress as you are recovering from the illness.

5. Complete privacy and security

The rigorous back-end systems of video consultation platforms make sure all patient details are stored safely and these medical records can only be accessed by your doctors in future consultations. The doctors even ensure your consultations will be private and secure with complete discretion wherever necessary. Everything you discuss with your doctor online is confidential.

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